We are delighted to announce a new book by NCC tutor Sil Devilly:

Making Victorian Costumes for Men


York Press 2019

Autumn 2019

AN exhibition of beautiful hand-crafted costumes is set to showcase the work of York students.

Eight talented students from the Northern College of Costume, in Market Street…

Spring 2019

HAND-crafted costumes created by students of a York college will be displayed as part of an exhibition running today and tomorrow.
The costumes were created by students from Northern College of Costume and will be showcased at the college’s campus in Market Street, York



NCC featured in:



February 2018:
‘Which Costume Training is Right for You?’

Choosing where to train for a career in costume in theatre can be quite daunting; it is a lot of money and a chunk of time and you want to graduate knowing that you have the best chance of getting work in the industry.

















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